About Us

From being the first to introduce mantra speaking clocks to becoming well known manufacturer and exporter of various religious products we have achieved many a milestones in our journey. We utilised ROM semiconductors way back in 1992 when few had even heard about them.

Our current range of products includes Mantra Speaking Alarm Clocks, Mantra Speaking Wall Clocks, 24-Hours Continuous Mantra Chanting Boxes, Mantra Speaking Door Bells etc. All these products come in a wide array of mantras of different deities. In keeping with international quality standards, we use only the best materials and components in manufacture of all our products.

Our products are currently being exported to USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia and many other countries.


Though with custom voices, mantras chants etc. The MOQ and rate for such customisation is also extremely reasonable.

We offer Customisation
in Terms of:

  • Mantra/Shloka/Voice
  • Image of God/Deity
  • Exclusiveness

Why us ?

  • Pioneers of the product category
  • Excellent Quality
  • Wide Range of mantras to choose
  • Different products for different applications
  • Competitive Price

Product Range

  • Spiritual Alarm clock
  • Spiritual Chanting Box
  • Spiritual Door Bells
  • Spiritual Wall Clock
General Information
Company Name Shetra Electronics Company
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter
Year of Established 1992
Other Information
Product Services Manufacturer, Exporter :Electronic Equipment, Doorbell, Other Clocks, Wall Clocks, Alarm clock, Chanting Box.
Country INDIA