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Spiritual Chanting Box

Spiritual Chanting Box-shetra

It chants your favorite gods mantra continuously 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year in low volume without disturbing your routine life. Your beloved deitys mantra bears tremendous power within itself. When it is chanted in the house, it generates powerful positive waves around it, prevents evil thoughts, evil deeds as well as bad habits. It thus leads the members of the family towards positive thoughts and deeds and engenders love, faith, harmony both inside and outside the house. These qualities in turn help creation of wealth in the family and achieve peace of mind. There are two types of it, Spiritual Chanting Box (Single mantra/voice), Multi Mantra/voice Spiritual Chanting Box

Specifications :

Voice quality reproduced here should not be considered as the original product voice quality. It may be inferior and also depends upon your system configuration* Click on Product Image for enlarged View
Vishnu-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • vishnve namaha
Dutta-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • digambara digambara shr
Ganesh-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Om Gam Ganpate Namaha S
Shiva-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Om Namaha Shivaya
Ram-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Ja
Krishna-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Hare Krishna Hare Krish
Mahaveer-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Namo Arihantanam, Namo
Guru Nanak-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Ek Onkar Satnam Karta P
Durga-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Sarva Mangal Maangalye.
Gayatri Mantra-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Om Bhurbhuva Svaha Tats
Sai-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai
Raghavendra-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Om Pujay Raghavendraya
Swami Narayan-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Jai Shri Swami Narayan
Murugan-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Shadananam Kumkum Rakth
Ayappa-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Lok Veeram Mahapoojyam
Guruvayrappa-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Om Namo Narayanaya...
Balaji-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Vina Venkatesham Nanath
Azan-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Allah... Hu Akbar Allah
Jesus-Spiritual Chanting Box-Shetra
  • Our Father in Heaven Ho
These Chanting Box are also know as Devotional Chanting Box, Religious Chanting Box, Specialty Chanting Box, Mantra Speaking Chanting Box, Shloka speaking Chanting Box, God praising Chanting Box.‹ PrevNext ›