Support Services

Support for Your Spiritual Wall Clock

Time set knob: Rotate to set time.

Volume Control Switch: This switch is used to control the output volume of the speaker. At it's highest position volume will be the highest, while at it's lowest position the volume will be the lowest. There are two intermediate positions, M1& M2 i.e. Medium # 1 & Medium # 2 resp.

Miracle Eye On / Off switch: This provides automatic night silence. It automatically controls the volume according to the surrounding illumination.

Strike setting knob: Use this knob (switch) to set the corresponding hourly strikes.

Batteries :
  • Use 1 pencil (UM-3 or AA) type battery for clock (Time) and 2 medium size batteries for sound (Mantra). Leak-proof batteries are recommended.
  • If alarm sound is less and/or detoriated, change only 2 sound batteries, and not all 3 as an economical measure.
  • Do not use one new and other old battery to complete the circuit. This may not provide a quality performance.
  • Rechargeable batteries not recommended.
These clocks are also know as Devotional Clocks, Religious Clocks, Specialty Clocks, Mantra Speaking Clocks, Shloka speaking clocks, Chanting Clocks, God praising clocks.